The OM Books Bookshop
A Place You Want to Visit

We know you love books. We can see it in your eyes. Not that we’ve been stalking you or anything weird like that. We just know that you're probably like a lot of our other friends.  And our friends love great books.

Our goal is to provide you with great Christian books—books that will enrich your soul and nurture your heart.  What could be better than great Christian books? Nothing, except great Christian books at affordable prices!

In our bookshop we stock a large variety of Bibles and other Christian books on a range of topics from leadership to missions, church life to Christian living and so much more. And all at prices that will make you smile.  Even if you prefer to smile “on-the-inside”, we know you’ll be smiling. But don’t be embarrassed. We’ll be smiling too because we’re so happy to be able to put affordable Christian books into your hands (and, hopefully, into your head).

So bring your eyes, hands, head, and winning smile to our bookshop because we’re excited to meet you.

It makes us sad to think that you might be too far away to visit the bookshop. Or maybe you’re close enough but you’re just a bit shy. Either way, we don’t want you to miss out on the great Christian books we have to offer so we’ve created an online store for you! And we will deliver anywhere in South Africa! So check out the online store here!

Also, the bookshop is home to our coffee shop, Coffee at the Link, where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and ‘eats’ like sandwiches, muffins and more! So treat your taste buds and stomach when you stop by to treat your mind and heart.