Coffee at the Link
The Coffee Shop of Your Dreams

Do you ever dream of visiting a place with delicious coffee, tasty muffins, an inviting atmosphere and friendly staff? Of course, you do. We have that dream at least twice-per-week. The good news? You can make that dream come true by stopping in at our coffee shop, Coffee at the Link.

We like to think of our shop as a place where you can get a nice “home-cooked” meal but where somebody else does the cooking. Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t mind being in the kitchen. I love to cook!” Wow! So do we! We’re kindred spirits! But we’re probably not going to let you in the shop kitchen. It’s not personal, we just really want a chance to serve you!

So why not stop by Coffee at the Link and let us dote on you a bit. We hope that by your second visit, or maybe even half-way through your first, you’ll begin to think of us as family.

Besides the obvious appeal of the noteworthy drinks and food, our shop is also a great place to sit down with a group of your friends and chat. Or, if you’re flying solo, you can browse the bookshop for great Christian books while you wait.

So, any way you slice it, or scoop it, or sip it, we’re looking forward to seeing you and serving you at Coffee at the Link very soon!

The Menu

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